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The Gobindgarh Iron Store Shopping Mall

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It is also sometimes referred to as Steel Town or simply “Loha Mandi” (“Iron Market”), because of a large number of steel mills and factories. This town is famous not only in India but abroad also for the large number of forging and foundry units. Also the municipal committee of this town is one of the richest in whole Punjab. The local tradition which was authenticated by the SGPC holds that the sixth Sikh Guru Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib stayed for 40 days during 1646, at the bank of a big sarovar known as ‘Barhi Dhab’. He was accompanied by his followers and warriors. A skirmish occurred between Guru Sahib`s men and a contingent of the Mughal forces. In the clash, the weapons of Guru Sahib’s men got damaged. His men pleaded before Guru Sahib that not even a tiny tissue of steel was available in the area for the repair of their weapons, how could they fight further. Guru Sahib smilingly said “Some day this place will be a big steel-producing centre in the country, where you say, no steel is available for repair of your weapons”.

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